Sunday, January 9, 2022

A light in the night

In the night
when there's a light,
Shadows will splay
where there are none in the day.

Before & after an outdoor event

In this hour, in this night
It might not work but it's worth a try
May tomorrow's sun shine weak light
May clouds gather and yet not cry

When mighty skies refuse to cooperate
A trusty shield becomes my mate
When all is done at end of day
No skin was burned, let's say hurray!

Not hyperbole

Forgive me if
I may seem a little cold
It's just that I
ain't given to hyperbole.


When anger explodes
and sorrow implodes
Try as I may
I will not be okay.

Lying on the ground
Shadows surround
Whatever you might say
I will not be okay.

Screaming in my head
Filling me with dread
Listening to what devils say
I will not be okay.

There may be some light
An inner fight
Despite what angels say
Why must I be okay?

When all is silent
Feeling cold like cement
I do not have to be okay...
But - I may just be okay

It may take a mile
But in the meanwhile
It is okay,
not to be okay.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

I remember things

I remember things.

I remember when we ran around,
I remember those pretty flowers we found.

I remember the sunny days at the beach,
I remember the stars that seemed almost in reach.

I remember the sound of waves in the night,
I remember when everything felt so right.

I remember the times we sat in silence,
I remember the peace with just your presence.

I remember things.

I remember the times we smiled and laughed,
But I remember the times when things got tough.

I remember when I had a hand to hold,
But I remember when you became so cold.

I remember the sweetness of anticipation,
But I remember when you left me in dejection.

I remember when the future seemed so bright,
But I remember when that faded out of sight.

I remember things.

I remember when you made me so sad,
I remember not knowing to cry or be mad.

I remember running away from you in the park,
I remember stumbling along in the dark.

I remember the feeling of being so weak,
I remember not trusting myself to speak.

I remember those words that stung like a burn,
I remember realizing that there was no return.

I remember things.
In the end, I remember you.


The moment when the sun is sinking out of sight
when nature lovers squeal in delight.
The moment when the day turns into night
when we quickly scurry to get a light.


It is frightening
it is terrifying
it is nerve-racking

Help... I can't move.

Fight or flight

Fight or flight?
Yes, that's right
With all your might
Try to get through the night
The day will get light
The sun will shine bright
So keep the goal in sight
Stand up and fight!


There's a danger in loving somebody too much
especially when it is someone you cannot touch
All that's left to do is to walk away
and never let emotions come into play.

(Inspired by the song Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough by Patty Smyth and Don Henley)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I used to think

You see, I haven't seen you in ages
Not since we turned those pages
Now I wonder how it is going
Where you are and what you are doing

I used to think that we would last
Like a firm grip, steady and fast
Turned out it wasn't meant to be
But still, I think of you constantly

We used to have so much fun
Never thought that you'd cut and run
Now I can only stand and stare
With on my shoulders a burden to bear.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dear book

Open up, says this girl
Take me to another world


There are days you feel you can't go on
When the future in sight seems so forlorn
The past left you no space to navigate
Look to all sides, on each a closed gate

It's hard to find your way through this maze
Standing there you feel their disapproving gaze
In your mind you wish you could escape
But those vague plans refuse to come into shape

Before you leave

Dear friend, please give me a call
before you leave down that lane
For it is not sure, after all
that we shall see each other again.

I'll get by

As the days pass
          time will fly
Though the feelings last
          I'll get by.

A wish

In this night and in this hour
I would like to see a meteor shower
For I would then wish, fervently
that from now on everything goes smoothly.

It takes two

To me it seems quite clear
maybe you just don't care
but just to remind you my dear
it takes two to make a pair

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A betrayee's dilemma

You step in
You hear your name
You turn around to see whence it came

You look around
You look at them all
Why do you think you're about to fall?

You duck down
You stoop, stay low
The time seems to move a little slow

You spin about
You hear the cries
You wonder, well, are they still lies?

You settle down
Maybe you must
Maybe in time they'll gain a little trust

You wonder though
You wonder still
Do these people really fit the bill?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm sorry I love you

I'm sorry I brought you coffee
and those glazed doughnuts too
I'm sorry I'm a little crazy
I'm sorry I love you.

I'm sorry I bothered you last night
calling so late, out of the blue
I'm sorry if I gave you a fright
I'm sorry I love you.

I'm sorry I keep asking your plans
hoping to bump into you
I'm sorry for acting like I've no sense
I'm sorry I love you.

I'm sorry I waited at your gate
just to show you something new
I'm sorry I took the devil's bait
I'm sorry I love you.

I'm sorry I follow you around
like stuck by some kind of glue
I'm sorry I can't make a sound
I'm sorry I love you.

I'm sorry I pushed your friends away
but you see, they would never do
I'm sorry I cannot move away
I'm sorry I love you.

I'm sorry that I stared
at that girl with you
I'm sorry, I'm so scared!
I'm sorry I love you.

I'm sorry I cannot look
at any future apart from you
I'm sorry I have to play by the book
I'm sorry I love you.

I'm sorry I crossed the line
doing things I shouldn't do
I'm sorry for wishing you were mine
I'm sorry I love you.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Open your eyes
Come, give me that smile
The sun will rise
and we'll walk another mile

Tears start to fall

When you feel you can't take any more
staggering under the weight of it all
Then comes the tiny proverbial straw
And that's when the tears start to fall.

Like plasticine

So I might be soft
mouldable, like plasticine
You might pull me about
stretch me thin
Make a hole
let all the germs in

When you tear me up
I won't make a sound
You could break me into pieces
scatter me around
Stick me anywhere
or stamp me to the ground

But let me tell you
that I can still feel
That all your mistreatment
does cause me pain
However, although wounded
in time I can heal
Just like plasticine
I can be put together again.

Mind does matter

If you maintain your body in a youthful state
But in the meantime let your mind deteriorate
It won't do you much good, my friend
For mind does matter, you know, in the end.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Release me

Release me... break these chains.
Release me... I want to be free.
Free of you, free of ghosts
those that haunt
every moment, every thought

Treat me well
I am fragile
Don't tie me up, let me go...
in the struggles, towards escape
I might break.


Don't tease me,
you make me shake
Don't touch me,
you make me break
out in sweat
driving me mad...
Don't give me that look
can't return what I took
Don't give me that smile
even for a while
Makes me feel like a child
feelings so wild...
Please, please...
Don't do this to me
I'm so out of control
Don't treat me this way
I can't get a hold
Please, please...
oh, I beg
Is it over yet?


You haven't got a clue, have you?
that I've been thinking about you.
You ask me to get a guy
but don't you know, I'm not just being shy
Choices, you give me a few
but in those, there is no you
Don't you see, that when you speak to me
I light up like a Christmas tree?
I really think, you know, that you are quite bright
but why can't you just see the light?

Give me some time

Try as I may
to pull myself away
You are still in my mind
Oh, what is it that binds

How long have I sought
to break free from this thought
Why am I so weak
I'd like to give myself a kick

Maybe a rope
could give me some hope
give a little tug
cure me from this bug

No, I don't need a dime
Just give me some time
to let this fall through
to forget about you.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Keeping my peace

Don't tell me
I don't wanna know
Don't show me
I don't wanna see
Ignorance is bliss
let me keep my peace
Don't bring me the storm
shattering my calm
Don't give me knowledge
that causes nothing but harm
Let me stay this way...
Don't take my peace away.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Dig a hole, and bury it deep
In case you'd find it hard to keep
Let it lay low, not a peep
Forget it, and may you get some sleep!


sea sun sand skies
high as the gulls fly
live life dealing in lies
and all sorrows shall multiply

(I thought of calling this one Seagulls, in reference to the first two lines. But taking that, or any other part of the verse to use as its title does not seem adequate to represent its simple message. So I shall leave it untitled, at least for now, maybe forever.)


I'm feeling like an astronaut
Sending SOS from this tiny box
A ping pong ball in a tennis court
Bouncing about trying not to get lost

I'm deafened by the silence
Is it something that I've done?
I'd try to pay the penance
But maybe all to do is run

So tonight I'm calling all astronauts
Hoping someone out there will care
If you hear my voice come pick me up
Are you out there...?

(An adaptation from the lyrics of Astronaut by Simple Plan. Not really original, but it seems a waste not to post it...)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


When thoughts, all kinds
fly around in your head
Sometimes, you wish
you would just drop dead
Those voices, those sounds
Taking leaps, and bounds
Your consciousness they will hound
till they run you to ground
Awaken, you will
One day, when it spills
It might not be too late
for you to turn 'round your fate
Reveal, what you may
But will things stay so gay?
Will truth come at a cost
Will your smile be lost?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Down the drain

Let me make this plain
I won't be tied down in chains
If there is nothing to be gained
This is going down the drain.

All this hurt, all this pain,
Blood will spurt, be washed by rain
Tears will fall, like water from the main
And that won't be will happen again.

So let me make this plain
I will be released from these chains
For there have been losses, never gain
This is going down the drain.

Il arrive un moment

Il arrive un moment...
Il arrive un moment...
Il arrive un moment où on n'en peut plus...
Il arrive un moment où on se lasse...
Il arrive un moment où on en a marre...

Parle-t-on de tout... tout... tout...
tout ce qui perd
tout ce qui rend dingue?

Ou reste-t-on
muet, pour garder la paix
muet, pour ne pas blesser
muet, à jamais?

Parce que parfois
le temps d'hésiter...
et il est trop tard.


Put in spice
'Cause it's nice
Do it twice
Maybe thrice

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clouded over

We each live under a cloud.
A cloud that can be oh so white
but at times turns grey
And when things do not go so well
it feels like a thunderstorm will break
and the cloud will never turn fluffy and white again.


There is something in your eyes
something in your smile
and suddenly it strikes me
Could it be pity?

I do not want your pity
I do not want your sympathy
I only want some understanding
instead of your mockery.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Setting sail

So you set sail under the scarlet sky
Hoping that for you the wind will not die
Oh, to reach it before the night falls
That destination from where come those calls

Slipping into oblivion in a world so big
Were it buried we'd have far to dig
All around, though figures abound
Silence reigns, for not one true is found.

Maybe we shall find you in a cave
For it feels like being a master's slave
Even though we might beg and plead
Sometimes it just continues to bleed

Just as you think it all must end
A glimmer of hope appears from round the bend
Across the oceans, maybe through gates
Could it be possible that peace awaits?

So you set sail under the scarlet sky
Hoping that for you the wind will not die
Oh, to reach it before the night falls
That destination from where come those calls.

Slipped away

I miss those days we left behind
Little pleasures I now fail to find

Though I do not wish to compare
though I know it is better
to avoid this dangerous snare
Past and present so dissimilar

Gives me a thud in the chest
when I see how it slipped away
I wonder how, what kind of pest
could have led us so astray

And now a few words can
slice like a blade through my flesh
bring back memories dark or wan
make my mood change in a flash

Just a simple remark
could strike a tender sore
Not even a warning bark
charging straight to the core

Oh, for a wound so deep
Remedies will never come cheap.

Course of action

My heart leaps
gives a little skip
when I see your face
as the page flips

My thoughts fly
and my mind reels
as I wonder
What is it I feel?

My eyes close
my breathing slows
I try to believe
that the heart knows

My blood courses
through my veins
and I reflect
Will this interest wane?

But in meantime
there are clamours
in my heart and head
rising tremors

Back and forth
disturbing my peace
So I reach for the phone
Will you put me at ease?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The days grow longer
And as I grow stronger
I hope to see you more

For light is the day
From your golden rays
Reflecting off the polished floor.

Helpless against emotions

treasure the good times
forget the bad times

but though my memory is weak
my emotions are strong
and they surpass

and they take place
of the memory

Friday, February 26, 2010

Keep the faith

There's a thing in this world that you know is hard to find
But you stay in a dream you cannot give up
You will try all you can for you know that it is there
With this hope, in this wish that it will turn up

It is out there, and one day you will find it
Keep the faith in you...
Keep the faith in you

If you slide down the road you will feel like all is lost
But believe, 'cause tomorrow might surprise you
In the light of the day you will rediscover hope
In the meantime, don't give in 'cause I will hold you

We will get there, it's not that far from here
Keep the faith in you...
Keep the faith in you

[To the tune of Michael Jackson's Heal The World (without chorus)]

Friday, January 22, 2010


A smile can light up a day
A smile can light up your face
So why let those muscles go to waste
Smile, and smile, for it is easy and free.

First impressions

There are many facets to a person
worth much more than a diamond.

If a first view does not please you
would you be willing
to take another glance
give a second chance?

It isn't easy, it might be revolting
but from another angle, the view might be dazzling.

We should all try
Oh, we should all hope
For what is hidden
may yet surprise
and if left undiscovered...
What waste it would be.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


filled with meaning
can make you laugh
can make you cry
light up your day
or leave you bleak

from the speaker
it gains its worth
and it loses
just as easily

so easy
so sweet
and yet so bitter
when realized
the emptiness
held within

can heal
regain hope
if it is not too late

oh do be careful
these are not toys
like metal
shape them
determine their function

so useful
yet so dangerous
Play at your own risk.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Whatever others might imply
It never hurts to try

You are worth every effort, every tear
every worry, every fear

What some, in their ignorance, mayn't know
true even if it does not show
though sans halo, with no glow
you will never strike with a blow

For you are above that, my dear
that much, to me is clear

So smile, and do not cry
For one day you will fly.

Lower your guard

Close your eyes, lower your guard
Place a finger upon your heart

May it detect what lies inside
May it feel what is tearing you apart

And when you know, just accept
Another time, another place will chart

The path you should take, wherever it leads
For what knows best, is still your heart.

Blow it away

Blow, blow it away now, wind
do not bring it back to me
this sadness that fills my mind
these thoughts full of misery.

Waves of love

The waves wash over
slowly, silently
Slippery as it seems
Try to snatch
to grab
to hold on
not to let leave
so they stay
instead of disappearing
Those waves of love.

No more illusions

I was under the illusion
that you cared.

Because of you
I no longer believe
that people care
I no longer dare
to hope
to believe
in something that might be an illusion.