Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prove to me

Prove to me that life isn't just a lie
that it is not necessary to be sly
Prove to me that life isn't only a game
and that doing wrong still fills people with shame
Prove to me that tolerance isn't dead
and we haven't just our own dear self in our head
Prove to me
and I shall give you anything.


  1. The best way for your proof is when you look at little children.
    Their innocence would prove to you.

    Life's not a lie.
    Life's not a game
    and that Tolerance still exists :)
    (you can't stay mad at a child for long now can you. . . think about... why?

    It's when we grow up and start looking for more than is there that we go astray and a little lost. Start making mistakes, decisions that we don't want to and just loose our way a little of the time.

    But inside of us we are still little children. we run. we play, we live, we learn. . . and this is what that keeps us to go on growing.

  2. Hmm...that's an interesting way of looking at things... Thanks for your comment!