Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tribute to my classmates

(of 3GE4, and maybe 4GE4 as well)

An insignificant decision
made without much thought
"What will it change anyway?"
"Hardly anything."

But what did turn out
was changed beyond expectation
There is no doubt
that what was
and what could have been
could never have been more different.

What would I have missed?
But what have I missed?
The unknown.

Never shall we know
for it is impossible to guess
what could have come to pass
what was left behind
when we took one path
and turned away from the other.

when all is said and done
regret we shall not
for there are many roads to happiness
Passing by different scenery
the destination can be reached
Either way
we will have chosen.

Je vous adore mes amis
Sans cet aiguillage
purement de choix
sans nécessité
Jamais, peut-être
se serait-on adressé la parole
Jamais, peut-être
se serait-on connu
C'est grâce à la chance
que je suis là.

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