Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nothing lasts forever

A light shines and you look up
You see the sun and smile
because the sun
blazes a trail of light
that symbolises hope
and happiness
and everything you are looking for

Then the night comes
and you find yourself in the dark
and you are reminded
that nothing lasts forever...

And you wonder
what will last
and for how long
and you wonder
whether it will last long enough
for you, at least

A sliver of light
from time to time
Will it bring enough happiness?
Will it chase the dark away
long enough
so that the world is less somber?

Supposedly so
because we live on
most of us
and so do you
except for a choice to the contrary
that might be made
and once and for all
darkness might fall
and never again give way to light.

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